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Along with chiropractic care, Atlas Chiropractic is pleased to offer naturopathy. Naturopathy is an organic healthcare alternative that focuses on lifestyle choices to determine the root cause of pain and discomfort. By looking at the patient’s diet, exercise regimen, and physical, mental, and chemical health, we are able to identify specific changes that may lead to better overall wellbeing.

How Can Naturopathy Help?

Bowl of natural herbs and supplementsPeople choose to see naturopaths for a variety of reasons. Most of our patients, however, come to us because the care they’ve been receiving isn’t fixing their problem.

If the care you have been getting is not working as you would like, you might be an ideal candidate for naturopathy. While you may be under the impression that your condition is acute, it may be chronic and require intentional lifestyle alterations to feel relief.

New Patients Welcome

We are glad to accept new patients with a broad range of ages and conditions. Upon your arrival to your first appointment, you will meet with our naturopath, to discuss your health history and current condition as well as your lifestyle habits. From your nutrition and daily stressors to your medications and previous procedures — we want to hear it all. The more we know, the more likely we are to help you.

Once we get to know you, we will work with you to design an easy-to-follow care plan. More than anything, we hope to help you make changes that fit well into your existing routine. Rest assured, Atlas Chiropractic has your best interest at heart.

Why Visit A Naturopath?

Several symptoms lead people into the hands of a naturopath, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • General discomfort
  • Hormonal imbalance

map-logoYour Natural Solution

Naturopathy can be used alone or in combination with chiropractic care. As naturopathy evaluates the whole health of the body, it lends itself to maximum spinal health. If you are not looking after yourself properly, your spine tends to be harder to renew.

Cost of Care

Fees differ depending on your personal needs. However, the standard costs of care are as follows:

  • Initial appointments (up to one hour in duration): $85
  • Follow-up visits (up to 45 minutes in duration): $60

Be sure to communicate your health goals throughout your time with us. We want to make sure you are seen as frequently as you feel necessary.

Want to Learn more?

Do what is best for your health. Contact us to learn more about naturopathy Woodvale and how it could positively affect your long-term wellness.

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