Initial Consult

Atlas Chiropractic | Initial Consult

Our first goal when you walk into our practice is to have you feel right at home. We want to provide evidence based Chiropractic care in a comfortable surrounding that feels like an extension of your own home.

Feeling Comfortable

On entry into the clinic our friendly, warm staff will welcome you to Atlas Chiropractic. On this welcome, we require that you fill out our paperwork, so please have a seat and fill out the paperwork. We promise, this won’t take too long.

The Initial Consult

Once you are in with the Chiropractor, an in depth history and physical examination will be taken. These key processes look into the multiple reasons for the causes of your complaint or just to help ascertain the reason for your choosing us as your wellness companion. Our Chiropractors look at the 3 key areas for dis-ease and dysfunction in the body; Emotional, Chemical and Physical Stress. All of these lead to dysfunction in the body and ultimately dis-ease.

The history involves your Chiropractor listening to you describe your complaint and asking pointed questions to help develop a solid foundation to build upon when we perform your physical examination.

Our Physical examinations involves assessing your posture, conducting orthopaedic testing and overall is a way of confirming out suspicions from the history that was taken earlier.

The initial consult roughly will take you 45min.

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