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After our Chiropractors have taken time to review your case, a comprehensive care plan will be compiled and presented to you on your next visit. This 30 min consultation will go through the diagnosis, treatment and duration of your plan. Our dedicated and professional Chiropractors will explain to you how the Chiropractic adjustment works, your working diagnosis, and treatment plan. We require a “consent to treat” form be signed by Chiropractor and patient before we commence any treatment.

In this care plan, we look to address the 3 key factors of causing dysfunction in your body. Nearly all conditions that present to our clinic are caused by 1 of these causes.

  1. Physical stress: These are activities (or lack of) that strain the body in a negative way i.e. prolonged sitting at your desk, incorrect lifting techniques etc.
  2. Emotion stress: This involves mental stresses such as anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue.
  3. Chemical Stress: The things we eat can have an effect on your body, from causing conditions such as diabetes, to simply increasing pain levels due to increasing inflammatory markers.

If you have any questions at any stage, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK!

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